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At LendersBox we believe the process of securing capital should be quick and easy.
Our technology connects entrepreneurs to creative financing solutions worldwide.

Our Story

The LendersBox story begins with Sam Kota, a payments industry veteran on a mission to disrupt business lending. After years working in the payments industry and corporate finance, Sam recognized a disconnect between payments processors and alternative lenders, both industries lacked technology and there was simply no bridge to connect the two worlds together, and thus the concept to build the Lenders Box technology was born.

In 2014, Sam embarked on a journey to build the right team to carry out the LendersBox mission, yet the plan was better in theory than easily executed. After months of meeting with design architects, interviews with programmers, reviewing proposals from technology contractors no one seemed to share the same passion to help the small business community until a chance meeting. Through mutual friend, Sam meets Daniel Navarro, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for mobile application development, after discussing at length the lack of technology in the payments and finance industries, the two decide to join forces.

Sam and Dan work for weeks building the core concept, prepping the business plan and potential design layouts however the two fall short in deciding which software developer will lead the mission to building the LendersBox project. After a month of filtering through potential developers to join, Dan is referred to Eric Kigathi, a seasoned developer with experience building technology infrastructure for fortune 500 companies. A few hour laters, an informal meeting is set and the two set out to meet Eric Kigathi, and everything would change forever.

Over a few cold beers and the best red snapper on the planet, the trio discuss views on technology and there inner most passion to change industries through the power of technology. Following dinner, Sam and Dan realize Eric is the missing piece to the puzzle, and the new mission is to bring Eric on board no matter what. After two months of countless emails, phone calls, conference calls and borderline harassment Eric agrees to join the team, and LendersBox is born.



U.S Business are Small Businesses


Jobs are created by Small Businesses


Small Businesses Applied for Financing


Got Approved for Most/All of the Requested Amount

* Harvard Business School - The State of Small Business Lending: Credit Access during the Recovery and How Technology May Change the Game


Sam Kota



With over 7 years experience in business lending, Sam brings a wealth of know how and experience to LendersBox.

Eric Kigathi



Eric has over a decade of online applications planning & development experience. He has led web projects for a variety Fortune 500 clients.

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